My Favourite Pieces #2 – Remued 173 Jug

One of the few old pieces of pottery I have purchased in my first year living in Tassie. This Pamela/Remued 173 jug with a strap handle is certainly a stunner and an easy inclusion in my list of favourite pieces in my collection.

Standing just 9cm high and measuring 16cm from spout to handle this jug has a substantial look and feel despite it’s proportions. Displaying early Pamela colouring and an unusual strap handle it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed on my packed sideboard.

This piece is unmarked and unnumbered, which is not unusual for early Remued. The absence of a shape number along with the distinctive colouring and less pronounced spout seem to point to a 1933/4 manufacture date. This variant with a flat strap handle is not recorded on but a quick e-mail to Peter Watson revealed this is not the first he has seen. In fact he had seen several all of which are unmarked and unnumbered which is why he is hesitant to make the call at this stage. For me, however, there is no doubt especially given that other shapes appear on the website in the exact same colour scheme (see bottom left image on unnumbered PPP shapes).

Remued 173 Jug

Posted: October 16th, 2010
at 4:08pm by Tim

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