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Mystery Potter #2 – Xella, Kella, K Ella

Standing 19cm high and measuring 21cm end to end, this amazingly detailed figure of a North American Blue Jay is another favourite from my collection, unfortunately it’s also a complete mystery!

Marked to the base either Xella 584 or X-ella (Kella, K ella, or K-ella) and bearing a Queensland “We Make it Great in The Sunshine State” sticker, this is either a very interesting piece of late 1980’s Australian pottery or a sticker swapping impostor.

Naturally, I’ve checked and double checked the books, I’ve googled furiously and e-mailed knowledgeable collectors, all to no avail.

Throughout my chats with collectors and dealers regarding this piece, one worrying constant keeps popping up. People keep asking me if I’m sure the sticker belongs to this piece? All I can say is that the sticker looks to be contemporary with the age of the item and also looks to have been in it’s current position for quite some time. I do believe it is Australian made from Queensland but do have to admit that this easily removable sticker is the only thing linking this piece to Australia and Queensland.

Scat pottery were producing similar, highly detailed figures of native and non-native birds in the 1970’s so it’s nothing we haven’t seen from Australian companies before.

The name Xella seems to be of French origin and means “From the Mountain Home”  which seems kind of fitting given the material used to produce this amazing bird.

If my Xella Bird proves to be an impostor I’ll be a little up upset but have to admit, no matter what the outcome, this little birdy still has a place reserved in the shelves of my collection. Granted though, if it isn’t Australian it might be pushed a little towards the back of that shelf. LOL

Posted: May 8th, 2011
at 9:10am by Tim

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